Sheri & Da Boyz

Sheri & Da Boyz

This talented trio consists of Sheri on lead vocals and keyboards, Marc Lagen on vocals and Guitar and Mitch Pumpian or Joel Astley on vocals and Harmonica. All three perform original music and multiple genres of music; blues, country, rock, pop, R&B. 
Sheri & Da Boyz have such energy and are having a good time while making great music is what they live for. Laughter and fun is the rule of the night!

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JoMomma Band

JoMomma is Sheri's amazing 5 to 6 piece "Show Band", or known as her "Wall of Sound".  JoMomma is a full-production ensemble that brings much energy and power to the stage, playing venues, festivals, and larger events.  Sheri leads this group which showcases the talents of additional rhythm and bass sections. Add organ and background vocals and other"touches" and hold on for a musical ride!

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